what i do when i am not siting at my computer

if I am not siting at my computer turning my brain into a burnt potato, I do other things like baseball or reading or music or just being outside. but, i do like playing on my computer more than some of that stuff i still have to wait to do computer and that jazz. but sometimes its all just boring so i have nothing to do so i try to find something to do. but it does not always work so i am siting around doing nothing zzzzzzzz… BORING! THATS NOT SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT THIS SHOULD BE MORE INTERESTING! SO LETS TALK ABOUT MONSTER TRUCKS YEA! Just kidding i think that wraps this post up i guess so bye :). 

Why i like corgis so much (breed of dog)

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 4.28.51 PMAs you can see on my front page i have pictures of cute dogs, and you ask “Why does this weirdo have pictures of cute dogs on his front page?” Well i will tell you, Once upon a time i was watching the Olympics, and i saw a commercial in this very commercial i saw the queen of England and behind her were two little dogs like the one above. /\, so i saw them and instantly thought that they were the most adorable thing in the world. and to this day i think they are 🙂 yay.

Why I Am Not Playing Minecraft A Lot

The reason i am not playing Minecraft a lot. A lot of new and exciting released. So i have been busy up and playing destiny and new cool games. Also Minecraft is old they are updating and stuff but i already know everything there is to know. So that is why I am not playing Minecraft a lot.

League of Legends


League of Legends is a very popular MOBA. I play league of legends because i think it is a very fun and addicting.  League of legends is very detailed with elaborate maps and/or game modes. This is most likely the first time hearing about this game, but if i were you i would check out league of legends.